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Human rights awareness and economic development - - -, Arab News, Monday, Feb 21, 2011

Food security: Ignore it at your peril - - - Arab News, Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011

Saudization through new eye - - - - -Arab News, Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

Graduate output and job creation . . . Arab News, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 20

Portugal bailout: smoke and mirror- when, not if - - -Arab News, Tuesday, Jan. 18,  2011

Middle East financial transparency and reforms: A New Year wish list, Arab News, Monday, Jan. 10, 2011

2011 Financial market outlook: Stress and risk factors remain, Arab News, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011

 China to the EU's rescue again, Arab News, Monday, Dec. 27, 2010

Building knowledge-based economies: It's difficult but not impossible, Arab News, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010

Global competitiveness: The Saudi giant wakes up, Arab News, Monday, Dec. 13, 2010

Gulf's soaring dreams and pragmatic reality. Arab News, Tuesday Dec. 7, 2010

Family business disputes affect economy. Arab News, Monday Nov. 29, 2010

Jeddah flood lessons: Fine tunning public expenditure. Arab News, Tuesday Nov. 23, 2010  

EU crisis management: Lessons for GCC, Arab News, Monday Nov. 22, 2010  

Saudi mega cities challenge the private sector. Arab News, Monday Nov. 8, 2010  

Gold: The ultimate safe haven?. Arab News, Monday Nov. 1, 2010   

 G20 and FX deadlock: Patience is a virtue... Arab News, Monday Oct 25, 2010  

Insurance plan could hold big banks to account: The National, Sunday Nov. 29 , 2009  

Gulf credit risk under scrutiny after the storm The National, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009

Nations gain from intern programmes The National, Sunday Nov. 29 , 2009  

Bailout insurance would help to spare the taxpayer The National, Saturday Nov. 21, 2009  

Emotion crowds out substance in TV stock reporting The National, Saturday Nov. 14, 2009  

Quenching the Gulfs growing thirst for water The National, Saturday Nov. 7, 2009  

Saudi foreign aid: untied and praiseworthy The National, Saturday Oct. 31, 2009  

Office or home - the internet is reshaping the way we work The National, Saturday Oct. 24, 2009  

Saudi becoming a star attraction for foreign funds, The National, Saturday Oct. 17, 2009  

Highly rated? No, but agencies are here to stay The National, Saturday Oct. 10, 2009  

Side deals risk Gulfs reputation in global banking The National, Saturday Oct. 3, 2009  

Something is wrong with our stock markets The National, Saturday Sep 26, 2009  

University dream a renaissance in the making, The National, Saturday Sep 19, 2009  

Gulf efforts show realistic future for financial centres, The National, Saturday Sep 12, 2009  

Saudi provides realistic outlook on energy future, The National, Sunday Sep 6, 2009  

Saudi Arabia can learn from Rio Tinto experience in China, The National, Saturday August 26, 2009 

Spirituality, business ethics and clearing a crisis of conscience The National, Saturday August 22, 2009 

Financial virtue and vice: both are needed The National, Saturday August 15, 2009  

A name is no longer enough to bank on The National, Saturday August 8, 2009  

The future lies in risk management, but keep it simple The National, Saturday August 1, 2009  

Governments in the driving seat of private companies, The National, July 25, 2009

'Real' deflation is the real worry for world economies, The National, July 19, 2009

Saudi clampdown on insider trading is welcome news, The National, July 11, 2009 

Saudi family businesses sink under debt, The National, July 4, 2009

Lessons the euro can offer the GCC on monetary union, The National, June 27, 2009

Saudis see hope in Fannie Mae model, The National, June 20, 2009

Burden of the sons: debt owed by their fathers, The National, March 15, 2009

Nationalization may haunt global banks in 2009, The National, January 17, 2009

Washington liberals can learn something from the Gulf for a change, The National, Nov. 22, 2008

In defense of those forced to adjust, The National, Oct. 18, 2008

Gulf banks - time for mergers? The National, Oct. 11, 2008

Stressed employees and financial crises: detecting the symptoms, The National, Oct. 4, 2008

After Lehman's fall: a nuclear market rescue plan, The National, Sept. 27, 2008

Mishandling could sow seeds of future turmoil, The National, Sept. 24, 2008

Banking fraud: overlooking simple controls, The National, Sept. 20, 2008

Central banks need lessons on risk after Lehman collapse, The National, Sept. 15, 2008

Government bailouts come with a price tag, The National, Sept.13, 2008

Gulf property market: a never ending boom?, The National, Sept. 6, 2008

Night of the living dead, The National, Aug. 31, 2008

Will Gulf's white knights end up in a financial black hole?, The National, July 12, 2008

Sovereign Wealth Funds - a new race begins..., The National July 5, 2008

Food Security: Latin America Beckons, Arab News, Monday June 2, 2008  

  Paulsons Gulf rounds: still dollar-pegged, The National, Saturday May 31, 2008  

Irrational Exuberance and Oil Market Bubbles, Arab News, Monday May 26, 2008  

Riyadh’s oil market memo: the ball is in your court, The National, Saturday May 24, 2008  

Aramco’s Success Offers Lessons to Private Sector , Arab News, Monday May 19, 2008 

Sovereign Funds - Keep Investments at Home ... , Arab News, Monday May 12, 2008  

The Fed: Into Uncharted Territory... , Arab News, Monday May 5, 2008  

Culture of Compensation Claims and Consumer Rights..., Arab News, Monday April 28, 2008  

In a time of crisis, the world turns back to Keynes, National News, Sunday April 20, 2008  

 Financial Woes Giving Accounting a Bad Name, Arab News, Monday April 14, 2008  

 Balance Needed in News Coverage , Arab News, Monday April 7, 2008  

  Innovation and R&D Culture: More Urgency Needed...  , Arab News, Monday March 31, 2008  

 Stable Oil Price Crucial for Consumers, Producers, Arab News, Monday March 24, 2008  

 Financial Meltdown: Investor Anger Grows..., Arab News, Friday March 21, 2008  

 Financial Scams: A Sucker Is Born Every Minute..., Arab News, Monday March 17, 2008  

 Inflation: The End of Cheap Food Era..., Arab News, Monday March 10, 2008  

 Time Limits on Foreign Workers, Arab News, Monday March 3, 2008  

 Global Trade Imbalances: Where Is the IMF?, Arab News, Monday Feb 18, 2008  

 Rogue Trader Action Leaves Public in Horror, Shock , Arab News, Monday Feb 11, 2008  

 Saudi Equity Market Cap Falls to SR1.74 Trillion , Arab News, Monday Feb 4, 2008  

 Hidden Cost of Unemployment , Arab News, Monday Jan 28, 2008  

 US Recession: World Switching Gears , Arab News, Monday Jan 14, 2008  

 Learning to Compete in a New World , Arab News, Monday Jan 7, 2008  

 Investments in Fighting Climate Change to Stay , Arab News, Monday Dec 31, 2007  

 Oil, Property and Inflation: A Volatile Mix, Arab News, Monday Dec 24, 2007  

 The Dollar and New World Realities , Arab News, Monday Dec 17, 2007  

 Thinking West - Moving East: Strategic Options, Arab News, Friday Dec 14, 2007  

 Saudi Stocks: On a Roll and a Bubble , Arab News, Monday Dec 10, 2007  

 The Dollar and Gulf Expatriates , Arab News, Monday Nov 26, 2007  

 Black Monday: Lessons Unlearned, Arab News, Monday Nov 19, 2007  

 Transparency and Business Practices in the Gulf Countries, Arab News, Monday Nov 7, 2007  

 How Safe Are Financial Institutions Today?, Arab News, Monday Oct 29, 2007  

 Sovereign Funds Gathering Steam, Arab News, Monday Oct 22, 2007  

 Federal Reserve Interest Cut Thrust Unrestrained?, Arab News, Monday Oct 8, 2007  

 Rude Awakening Awaits Speculators, Arab News, Monday Oct 1, 2007  

 New Economies Sustain Old Ones, Arab News, Monday Sep 24, 2007  

 Fear Stalks Markets, Arab News, Monday Sep 17, 2007  

 Powerful Agency Needed to Check Economic Crimes, Arab News, Monday Sep 10, 2007  

 Consumer Society in a Quandary, Arab News, Monday Sep 3, 2007  

 Federal Reserve Interest Rate U-Turn: Aberration or Panic?, Arab News, Monday August 27, 2007  

 The International Market: Is It Safe Yet?, Arab News, Monday August 20, 2007  

 The WTO Is Dead: Long Live the WTO..., Arab News, Monday July 23, 2007  

 Saudi Petrochemical Industry: The Heart of Investment..., Arab News, Monday July 16, 2007 

 The Internet and Consumer Power: GCC Companies Beware... , Arab News, Monday July 9, 2007  

 GCC Traffic Congestion: Road Tax Costs and Benefits , Arab News, Monday July 2, 2007

 Gonu's Message: Environmental Investment a Must , Arab News, Monday June 25, 2007 

 Corporate Social Responsibility Investment: ALJ Shows the Way, Arab News, Monday June 18, 2007  

 Cartels: Myths and Realities... , Arab News, Monday May 28, 2007  

 GCC Unified Currency: To Be or Not to Be?, Arab News, Monday May 28, 2007  

 Saudi Banking: A Time for Mergers?, Arab News, Monday May 21, 2007  

GCC FTAs: Dead Ends or New Beginnings?, Arab News, Monday May 14, 2007  

 ASEAN Comes of Age: Lessons for the GCC , Arab News, Monday May 7, 2007  

 Gulf Financial Transparency and Market Regulation , Arab News, Monday April 23, 2007  

 What to Do With Dollar Reserves: China Shows the Way... , Arab News, Monday April 16, 2007  

 US Subprime Market Tsunami - The Fed Is Worried... , Arab News, Monday April 09, 2007  

 The "BRIC" Economies Will Sustain Economic Growth in 2007, Arab News, Monday April 02, 2007  

 Hedge Funds: Ignore Them at Your Peril, Arab News, Monday March 26, 2007  

 Saudi Stock Trading Again - Rationality, Euphoria or Amnesia?, Arab News, Monday March 19, 2007  

 Recession, Inflation and Interest Rates: A Turbulent 2007 , Arab News, Monday March 12, 2007  

 China Sneezed - the World Caught a Cold , Arab News, Monday March 5, 2007  

 Creating Wealth From Financial Services: Lessons for the Kingdom, Arab News, Monday Feb 26, 2007  

 Investment in the Gulf: Quick Money but Mind the Ethics, Arab News, Monday Feb 19, 2007  

 The Buck Stops Here: The Dollar in 2007,  Arab News, Monday Jan 15, 2007   

 Saudi Stock Market 2006: A Turbulent Year,  Arab News, Monday Jan 1, 2007  

 Foreign Workers, Minimum Wages in GCC Viewed,  Arab News, Monday Dec 25, 2006  

 * Saudi National Budget Well Received by Experts ,  Arab News, Friday Dec 22, 2006  

 Is the Size of Global Outsourcing Market Shrinking in 2006?,  Arab News, Monday Dec 18, 2006  

 Globalization, Regionalization, or Localization?,  Arab News, Monday Dec 11, 2006  

Bill Gates in the Kingdom - What Was Learned?, Arab News, Monday Dec 4, 2006  

 Environment Friendly Investment ,  Arab News, Monday Nov 27, 2006  

 Vietnam - the New Tiger: Lessons for the Gulf ,  Arab News, Monday Nov 20, 2006  

 After the Stock Market Crash - Real Estate Next?,  Arab News, Monday Nov 6, 2006  

 Saudi Offset Program: A Golden Opportunity,  Arab News, Monday Oct 30, 2006  

 Nuclear Energy - What Future for Oil?,  Arab News, Monday Oct 16, 2006  

 A US Recession: Chinese Impact, Saudi Consequences,  Arab News, Monday Oct 02, 2006  

 9/11 Changes the Face of Gulf Economies,  Arab News, Monday Sep 25, 2006  

Saudi reform changes direction post-September 11 , Daily Star, Lebanon Sunday, September 17, 2006 

 Foreign Direct Investment: A Saudi Score Sheet, Arab News, Monday Sep 11, 2006 

 Bureaucracy, Economic Development, Arab News, Monday August 28, 2006 

 Share Trading and Company Transparency, Arab News, Monday August 21, 2006 

 Multiculturalism, Higher Education, Productivity, Arab News, Monday August 14, 2006 

 WTO and Failure of Doha Round , Arab News, Monday August 7, 2006 

 Will Saudis Emulate Dubai's Development Bonanza? , Arab News, Monday July 31, 2006 

 Philanthropy and Investment in Future Generations , Arab News, Monday July 10, 2006

 Early Entrepreneurship and Economic Leadership, Arab News, Monday July 3, 2006 

 PPP and Investment Efficiency, Arab News, Monday June 26, 2006

 Gulf Cooperation Council Monetary Integration , Arab News, Monday June 12, 2006 

Mega Refinery Projects at Jubail and Yanbu Open Door for SMEs , Arab News, Monday June 12, 2006 

Privatization Management ? Employee Dialogue: Saudia Leads the Way , Arab News, Monday June 5, 2006 

 WTO Accession: Stakes Are High , Arab News, Monday May 29, 2006

Beyond the Oil Peak ? or the Very, Very, Long Goodbye - - -Conference: Dialogue on Natural Resources ?Big Questions in the Race to the Future? 3rd and 4th April, 2006, Washington, USA 

The Dollar, US Economic Prospects and the Saudi Riyal..., Arab News, Monday May 22, 2006

Our 'Enrons', or a Harder Look at Financial Accounting and Investments, Arab News, Monday May 15, 2006

Different Roads to Privatization, Arab News, Monday May 8, 2006

The Dragon Awakens: Chinese-Saudi Economic and Investment Potential, Arab News, Monday May 1, 2006 

The Saudi Mining Sector Should Not Be Overlooked... , Arab News, Monday April 24, 2006

Oil Revenue Surpluses Are a Blessing for Economic Development, Arab News, Monday April 17, 2006

The Lessons of Parmalat Company for the Gulf ..., Arab News, Monday April 11, 2006 

New Company Flotations - A Note of Caution, Arab News, Monday March 27, 2006 

 Share Trading and Social Madness, Arab News, Monday March 20, 2006

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