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The GCC Economies: Stepping Up To Future Challenges:

Part 1 Regional Structural Reforms and Engines of Change

1. Working for a Sustainable GCC Future: Reflections on Policies and Practices, Nabil Sultan
2. Deepening the GCC Debt Market: The Saudi Arabia Experience, Abraham Abraham, and Fazal Seyyed
3. GCC economic integration: statistical harmonization for an effective Monetary Union, Ikhlaas Gurrib
4. E-Learning in the Arab Gulf: Responding to the Changing World of Education, Nabil Sultan, Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Christopher Davidson, Alain Sentini, and David Weir

Part II Sustainable Security: Oil, Renewable Energy and Food
5. Energy Security in the EU from the GCC’s Perspective, Mohammed A. Alsahlawi
6. Going Nuclear in the GCC countries –Rationale, Challenges and Politics, Ashutosh Sharma, Nabil Sultan and David Weir
7. Meeting the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Challenges in GCC Economies: MASDAR Initiative Case Study, Toufic Mezher and Jacob Park
8. Food Security in the GCC Economies, Andy Spiess

Part III Regional Risk, Global Competitiveness and Economic Diversification
9. GCC Country Risk Analysis, Hassan El Sady
10. The Macroeconomic Competitiveness of the GCC Economies, Ahmed Khalifa
11. GCC Intellectual Property Regimes: Global Harmonization or Regional Integration?, David Price
12. Economic Diversification in Saudi Arabia: The Need for Improving Competitiveness for Sustainable Development, M. Sadiq Sohail
13. Successful Outward FDI investments: Saudi Lessons and Recommendations, Marwan Al Qur’an
14. Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia: A Competitiveness Analysis, Mohammad H. Akhtar

Part IV Corporate Governance, Transparency and Private Sector Operating Environment
15. Corporate Disclosure and Reporting Practices in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Haidar H. Madani.
16. Corporate Governance regulations - The Experience of Saudi Arabia, Nadia Anani.
17. An analysis of entrepreneurship characteristics in Saudi Arabia, Hazbo Skoko.
18. The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Motivation among Women: A Comparative Study of Businesswomen in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Mohammed Sadi and Basheer Al-Ghazali.
19. Influencing Factors Model of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Saudi Arabian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Hazbo Skoko.

Part V Investing Surplus Wealth: GCC Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF’s)
20. GCC Sovereign Wealth Funds: Challenges, Opportunities and Issues Arising from their Growing Presence on the Global Landscape, Ruth Rios-Morales, Mohamed A. Ramady, and Louis Brennan.
21. The Misconceptions in the West regarding the Gulf Region Sovereign Wealth Funds, Behzad Shahandeh.
22. The Governance of Sovereign Wealth Funds from the GCC in an International Perspective, Sven Behrendt.
23. Putting Sovereign Wealth Funds to Good Use: Strategic Options for SWFs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region, Mohammed Salisu and Nahed Taher
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